Environmental Health and Safety Courses

Environmental Health and Safety Courses

GIHS have grip in 6 different Environment Health and Safety Programs and Training which are internationally designed and fulfilled as per the need . Through our programs professionals & students can have recent updates on various branches of Environment Health and Safety programs. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is an umbrella term for the laws, rules, guidance and processes designed to help protect employees, the public and the environment from harm. In the workplace, the responsibilities for designing and implementing appropriate procedures is often assigned to a specific department, often called the “HSE” department which is responsible for environmental protection, occupational health and safety at work. HSE management has two general objectives: prevention of incidents or accidents that might result from abnormal operating conditions and reduction of adverse effects that result from normal operating conditions. There are lot many small essential department in various industries which plays very important role. GIHS have concentrated on this issues and developed useful programs.


Environmental health and safety management courses leads to train student and professionals over how to implements the practical aspects of protecting the environment and maintaining health and safety at occupation. It implements the responsibility and training to the individual for minimizing risks posed to workers and to the environment at industrial workplace. GHIS provides various diploma environmental management courses which includes industrial safety certificate course, health and safety certification courses and workplace health and safety courses online which defines specific role to understand the industrial need to maintain the environment and safety.
  • Process Safety Engineering

    A Process Safety and Engineering program will provide the knowledge to review employee safety programs and to make sure that they are at their best. It includes the ...

  • Oil and Gas Safety Engineering

    This oil and gas engineering course provides the complete comprehensive Safety Management Program related to safety in petroleum manufacturing and refining Industrie...

  • Food Safety and Quality Management

    The main objective of the scheme is to motivate the food processing industry for adoption of food safety and quality assurance mechanisms such as TQM including ISO 9...

  • Industrial Fire and Safety Management

    Assesses knowledge of fire engineering, Safety Management and professional experience, awarding internationally recognized...

  • Environment Health Safety and Risk Management

    Environmental Management is the science where Air and Water quality management, hazardous waste disposal, and protection of Public Health is specified.

  • Industrial Safety

    Industrial safety refers to the safety management practices that apply to the industrial sector. It is a system to countermeasure crucial in any hazardous plants suc...

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    Occupational health, or occupational safety, is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at occupation. It involves several...

  • Environment Health and Safety

    This environment health and safety course includes education of the employee’s training and consultation, maintaining a safe environment through recognizing and co...

  • Industrial Health and Hygiene

    Industrial hygiene and safety helps promotion and maintenance of employee motivation, ensuring better health – physically and mentally. The basic principles are An...

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