Syllabus – Nutrition and Dietetics

Syllabus – Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Nutrition & DieteticsEvolution of Cell (4 Sub Topics)
    Food Science & Nutrition
    Human Nutrition & Nutrients (4 Sub Topics)
    Nutrition for Fitness (4 Sub Topics)
    Nutrition Physiology & Metabolism

  • Applied Nutrition & DieteticsClinical Nutrition and Dietetics (4 Sub Topics) (Disease wise explanation)
    Nutrition for Maternal & Child Health
    Nutrition in Critical Care, Food Safety and Food Laws (4 Sub Topics)
    Non- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
    Understanding of diseases and case taking
    Food, Sport & Exercise Science

  • Nutrition ManagementManagement of disease Prognosis
    Diet Plan Management & Formation
    Food Technology and Safety
    International & Public Health Nutrition
    Role of Nutritionist & Dietician and JOB Description with JOB SKILLS & PROFESSION

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